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Help Squad is recruiting!
Help Squad Recruitment

As of now, the Help Squad is currently looking to pick up some new squaddies.
The life of a Help Squad is an easy one; all you have to do is assist newer players on the forum and ingame, as well as sit around in #support and answer questions. Easy enough, right?

What specifically will I be doing?

The Help Squad are a group of forum assistants that specialize in the general assistance and monitoring of the Help forums; they also play a relevant role in server-sitting, FAQ drafting/cleaning, and more. Your general work consists of monitoring the Help section, server-sitting in beginner rooms, and other miscellaneous projects.


Be aware that the position may require a fair portion of your time, as the duties of the Help Squad can easily require several hours of scattered work on a daily basis.
There's no particular application format, however explaining to us how you would improve the community with your inclusion into HS wouldn't be a bad idea. Please include your GMT somewhere in your application too.

Where do I send my application?

All applications are to be submitted to either Fear or a member of the Help Squad, please DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATIONS HERE.

After you have sent in your application and the recruitment drive is announced closed, keep in mind that it may be a fair amount of time before all applications we have selected are accepted. Harassing us about the status of your application is not advised. Applications that have been accepted will receive a PM stating so, and will receive instructions on what to do from this point forward as a member.

The drive will end three weeks after the creation of this thread.


If you have any general questions, please post them in this thread. A Help Squad member or a staff member that works relatively closely with the Help Squad will make sure to answer your question.
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Parrot: unfortunately help squad isn't allowed to disclose that information (unless rules are updated)
Can say that a good number of people applied though. Enough that help squad had a lot of players to choose from
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