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Ice cream watercolor painting.
Hello, I finished this yesterday... Its a chocolate ice cream cone with an ice cream sandwich in it with chocolate syrup on top of that.
I used watercolor paint for the majority, and to make the cone part i used pastel pencils, for the ice cream i used acrylic paint, and the shading is done in acrylic paint too.
This took me about 3-4 hours to do (also including the time it took to dry during)

Wip 1

Wip 2

Wip 3 (final)

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Holy shit, why has no one commented on this yet? This looks phenomenal! Makes me hungry just looking at it.

At a quick glance it looks 3 dimensional, but a closer look shows that it is very flat. I'm not sure how you could correct this, but perhaps make it pop a little bit more?
I also noticed that the edges of the cone are kind of blurry, almost seems like you're using the blurriness to hide the fact that it's 2d.

The chocolate dripping (I'll assume it's chocolate) doesn't really make sense there unless it was dribbled on, but the liquid itself looks very realistic, almost to the point where the drizzle looks like it was put on afterward, and it's not a drawing. The colour almost reminds me of black sludge, but it's so well drawn that I don't really mind. Really well done!
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Karbn just stole what I was about to say :^(
About the chocolate dripping, I'd recommend making the "puddle" bigger and if it's spilling down like that make it in a flatter surface of the ice cream.
It also looks weird because I've never seen an ice cream cone with only that bit of ice cream, maybe adding more ice cream to the cone itself would be a little bit nicer.

Also, long time no damn see dude, hows it been?
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Thanks for the tips guys, what went wrong was i messed up the cone so it lost its 3d effect, and since it was already down i couldnt change it :/ but ill know for next time to plan a bit better before painting xD

Its been a while since I have talked to you hal how are you? (PM me if you want to chat)
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