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In my opinion it is too cinematic.
And that is what is wrong with many many gaming videos, people overdo it. The sequences and all. It is pretty nice dont get me wrong.
But all in all for such length it is too much, maybe rather add a little slow motion after the kill when the kill counter pops up and maybe then add another sequence.
Or just show some bloody gore from your point of view.
This guy made it pretty nice to be fair even with cinematic feeling:

Cinematic Feelings 10/10
Gaming 2/10

Try to find a little harmony between both :P
Also, i fucking love the idea with the view from inside of the building it fits in well also the old movie kind of feeling additional with the music! As i said, cinematic 10/10
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I disagree with Cobra completely because the purpose of an edit is to look good not to showcase the gameplay. I really like the cinematic approach. Only thing I would say is the intro scenes are a bit too long before it gets into the actual edit.
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really good and really on point.
i really like this one, it has a good structure.
tho it has a little anoying thing:
that transition at 15 wasn't that good to watch tbh
it showed both of the scenes for too long while there is a movement in one of them
its confusing.
maybe if you did something like this instead?
anyway, i really liked this one.
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