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Old Apr 29, 2013   #11
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Everything works completely fine with me.
Great job
I love how u can edit the replay's speed
Btw the title is spelled wrong

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Old Apr 29, 2013   #12
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When pressing e while watching a replay at higher/lower speed tori freezes and loses all his momentum.
Also the replay speed seems to be not working instantly. When making a replay and pressing r to watch the replay I can't use the replay speed options. Once I let the frames pass by and the replay repeats again, I can play with the speed though.
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Old Apr 29, 2013   #13
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every time i press play the hair causes a glitch like the pic
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Old Apr 29, 2013   #14
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lolz that happened before, like uke just fell down on the floor while holding all of his joints and that extended started at the beginning of the replay until the end of the head......
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Old Apr 30, 2013   #15
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Replay glitched itself after watching in once. (Freezed and just glitched around)
Fuck it took me fucking 45 minutes to get that decap.
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Old Apr 30, 2013   #16
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good , i download now!
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Old May 1, 2013   #17
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I've also realized that when editing replays sometimes, it will hold a lot of joints and sometimes loose all momentum. I had to go into 4.3 to edit a replay because it would either 1. Take any dm'd body part and try to re-attatch it, or 2. Hold most of my joints that weren't held before, and make me loose all my momentum
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Old May 3, 2013   #18
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I don't understand. I can't change replay speed at all
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Old May 3, 2013   #19
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Today this was happening to me kind of frequently on multiplayer


Had Toribash not responding for a while and then eventually it'd go on again, but sometimes it crashed after that.
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