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Another bug here.
Press any directional arrow key during a match, then press F. Or Ctrl + M, Ctrl + G, Ctrl + J, Ctrl + Q etc. For some reason Ctrl + L doesn't react to it, though ;o
The camera keeps going to whatever you pressed until you open the menu.

Pressing Ctrl + Z without pointing on a joint makes Tori relax all

Replay speed bugs:

I press . once, the speed goes to 1.50 units. When I press , to lessen it, it only decreases 0.10 units each time. Is it supposed to be like that? ;o
Also would be pretty nice for the speed to go from 0.10 units straight to 0 instead of 0.09, 0.08, 0.07, 0.06 etc. Also from 0 to -0.10 instead of -0.01, -0.02, -0.03 etc.

The replay will go back to the last frame when watching the replay in reverse with -0.01 - -0.90 units and having it go all the way to the beginning of the replay. Once it has reset back to the last frame it'll start again going to the first frame. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like this, but there should be at least a bit more of time before it goes back to frame 0. Now it goes almost instantly ;o

I can't change the replay speed when I press R or open a replay. I have to watch the replay once, only after that changing the replay speed is available.

Pressing Shift + , and having the replay go all the way to the first frame will make the replay flash between the first and the last frames. Doesn't happen when you make the replay speed manually to -1

There's also times when the speed randomly increases 0.01 unit in multiplayer. Don't know when this happen, gonna investigate it further
EDIT3: It seems it happens when I have chat open and press shift + , it makes the replay speed go down 0.01 units, and if I press shift + . it goes up 0.01 units. The replay seems to be going a lot faster than just 0.01 units, though

that's all for now

EDIT: The game crashes when I tick the Official Only box in the Multiplayer menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the list.

EDIT2: For some reason the attached replay plays random damage sounds in frames 1700 - 1600...

EDIT3: I left a server with the mod mountainracebeta.tbm. In the mod Tori and Uke were set apart with engageplayerpos and engageplayerrot, but when I joined back in the server it was as if the settings weren't in effect, thus making it like this. This makes my client crash. I think this happens with every mod that has engageplayerpos and rot set.

I suppose this is a part of the engageplayerpos/rot bug that's been here since, well, forever ;o
In case you haven't heard/seen of it...
When you put a mod with engageplayerpos set for the red player (the first three numbers of the six numbers), the game ignores them for the first turn of the match. After the first turn the red player teleports back to where he was supposed to be. It's been a pain in the arse for modders for a while now, would like to see it be fixed ;o
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Acutally, way better than the older ones thanks Hampa.
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