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just passed 5 months and nothing
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Fantasy Staff League!


This is basically like the Fantasy Clan League but instead of clans, you choose which staff member is going to win! Each participating staff member will be put into a bracket on Challonge and you must fill a bracket with who you think is going to win the entire tournament! Once the bracket period is over then the actual fighting will begin. The staff team should be able to schedule properly, meaning that we can announce if games are going to be played publicly. Unless some staff don't want their games announced.

Once bracket period ends, there is no changing your bracket.
NO ALTS. If you're found using an alternate account you will be punished. Only 1 submission per player.
We will be using Challonge, so make sure to use that.
BRACKET PERIOD: You have 7 days to create a bracket and enter. (from the day this was posted meaning February 16th)

To Enter
To enter all you have to do is send 5k to "MagicalSack" and post here with the code template below.
Lol bands is gonna win Transaction History of the TC Being Sent (or screenshot of the transaction history): Image of your bracket:

Prizes will be:

1st place: 50% of the total prize pool + 50,000 Toricredits + 5 Shiai Tokens

2nd place: 35% of the total prize pool + 30,000 Toricredits + 3 Shiai Tokens

3rd place: 15% of the total prize pool + 10,000 Toricredits + 2 Shiai Tokens

Bracket (names might be tiny)


Alternatively you can click here for the bracket

Copy paste these names into your bracket. To save time, click add bulk and just copy the list. Also make sure to make this a double elimination tournament.
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Pouffy is staff?
I'm in [a] now
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Just Do It!
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Pouffy is a modteam, he is a staff
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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Pouffy is staff?

ouch what the HECK

feelin sorry for these folks who didn't even know i was staff n now i'm bout to come up from behind and win this thing....

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How to join?
how to join?

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just passed 5 months and nothing
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Originally Posted by nathaniel95 View Post
How to join?
how to join?

deadline is over family. sorry!

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Typhon won 3-2

[Market Squad]

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confirmed :c
w e e b
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it is i, tyzerino gambino las vegas marino honda civic
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i beat erth 3-1
Originally Posted by Kaneki333 View Post
I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

Help Squad
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Erth 1 - Tyzi 3

I have replays if needed. the esports smh, time to jump in on the hate tyzi memes
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dick 3 - tyzi 1
dick is online now  
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