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Unique color combinations
Does anyone have a unique color combination that they enjoy?

By unique I mostly mean lesser-used. No demon/vampire etc... Something more interesting... One I saw recently in-game that caught my eye was Gaia/sapphire for example.
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Tesla + Dragon

Hi, please explain your answers. Not a single one of these current posts is suitable to offtopic.

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shaman force + persian relax
The dark red with the bright purple really looks nice because of how the shades of each color make them both stand out so much
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Hi, any post after this one that looks like this will be reported + deleted, thanks.

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I've discovered an amazing combination of colours today; Supernova Force & Supernova Relax.

I've never seen anyone else use this combination of colours, & it's extremely beautiful!

I'm going to experiment with Astro & Supernova once they colour is released, I'm excited to see the results!
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Old Apr 12, 2018   #6
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Sapphire force+Gaia relax was my old combo

A good color combo would be Raptor/Hot Pink + Acid
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Amber force + Orc relax currently. (I don't know if that is unique)
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I find acid relax + pure force to be quite a nice combo. Acid relax also seems to work its way into many nice combos with dark or light forces
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Old Apr 22, 2018   #9
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platinum + acid looks pretty good.

kek combo back in the day :^)
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kevlar force, vulcan relax, titan everything else
demon force, wildfire relax, pharos torso
quicksilver maya platinum(maya ghost and everything)
sapphire neptune raider
static typhon quicksilver
raptor magnetite warrior(magnetite ghost and everything)
quicksilver knox chronos
juryo neptune
copper bronze supperfly

I think usually force color 1, relax color 2 and everything else except gradients is color 3 look good
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