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Old May 10, 2018   #21
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Rest in peace, may god give you the best spot.
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Old May 10, 2018   #22
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creati0n and i were told about this by one of his irl friends who plays toribash who im not going to disclose

we then told the duck guys and the rest is history

i’ll miss his mixtapes ;((

i hope that whatever afterlife there is, that it treats you well

ps im not sure if making this thread public thing is the most appropriate, but ok i guess. i would assume thr duck guys wouldve wanted to make one themselves
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Old May 10, 2018   #23
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Never got to watch that other horror movie, farewell friend.

Maybe in another life.
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Old May 10, 2018   #24
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R.I.P. Ocean! <3
Had a lot of fun times together.
Will miss him for sure ;(
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Old May 10, 2018   #25
obama smale dikk
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Rest in peace bro, i remember back to our retarded drunk skyping sesions from many years ago.
I'll miss you friend, and ill meet you again some day many years from now, and ill hotbox heaven with you.

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Old May 10, 2018   #26
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Couldn’t have chosen a better guy to watch porno horror movies with

Rest in Peace my guy
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Old May 10, 2018   #27
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Damn I didn't know him well but the few times we spoke he was pretty cool, he was ES too I think, may God be with you Ocean.
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Old May 10, 2018   #28
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Rest In Peace bro...
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Old May 10, 2018   #29
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Didn't know you but I'm sad still. Good luck wherever you are.
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Old May 10, 2018   #30
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r.i.p my dude
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