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[Life] Hypez's Guide to Literally Everything (PhD included)
The Grind Exists
From the outrageous ghettos that look like third world countries that contain crazed and bloodthirsty "hood samaritans" to the impoverished redneck dens, farms, and their plagued denizens, this guide is certified to help you with everything. Even crashing jet-skis into rocks in order to simulate the glorious effects caused and provided by a car bomb.

Cyber Bullies
Solution 1:
Your guild doesn't take that shit homie, pop the trunk on those meddling nigglets (your faction overpowers anything and everything, they will stop at nothing).
Solution 2:
Time to whip out the strap. Equip yourself with one or more of the following items: an airsoft gun, a Nerf gun, a marshmallow gun (jumbo sized), a Nerf weapon, or a super soaker (spray those niggas, maybe even with holy water if one of your relatives is truly indulged in your local Church). Afterwards, continue to mow them down relentlessly, take no prisoners, watch as they quiver and suffer for their inhumane crimes.
Solution 3:
Hop in or hijack a whip, this can range from Bugatti's to large dogs, maybe even slaves depending on the area. Whichever one of those options is utilized, just be sure to represent, pimp, and own that shit. Then proceed to mow them down with your new, and widely accepted whip.
Solution 4 (mano y mano):
Put the metal to their dome bruh, let them feel the heat. Continue to "scrap", or "fight", this term differentiates depending on the area. If worst comes to worst, just snap-kick, shovel, or leg grab your victim. If the fight begins to last longer than desired, just DQ or dismember your enemy (go for knees). Make sure to roast and blast them like Trayvon Martin while they lie in anguish, completely acknowledging their own defeat.
Solution 5 (toy unboxing/ambush):
Prepare your tech decks, body pillows, and Omnitrix, because shit is about to occur. Gather your beloved toys, action figures, and other things related to propelling your own entertainment (not limited to "normal toys", sexual toys work as well), continue to bombard your bully after confrontation with the power of your Leaf Village headband and other items. Allow them to feel the wrath and pain caused by the rage of 5,000 SJW's with daddy issues.
Solution 6 (protest):
Gather your fellow victims boys, it's time for a revolution. "Victims" can be obtained, observed, and befriended almost anywhere, but a seemingly prevalent source for finding them would be Tumblr (many have claimed to be permanently damaged by their own father fingerers, and some also impersonate their favorite manga, anime, or even comic characters!!). Continue to rally and rendezvous in front of the bully, or his/her very own home. Next, just counter-bully that nigga.
More will be released at a later date
Stomp my G-spot

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thanks. i might be able to overcome the bullies in my RBets now.
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yess hypez yess doctor

Edit rip DrHypez you said nigga :<

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Omg this is great, now I know how to finally end my suffering after all these years. Going create my rally group right now and show my mom who's boss.
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wow now i know how to avoid getting countered by people i bully! Thanks Hypez!

btw tank here
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