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Old Aug 1, 2016   #11
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Originally Posted by DeakManiac View Post
The new generation of teens are worthless wannabe thugs
Idiots making memes out of classic cartoons now
People questioning Gods existence
No one is loyal anymore
Retards riot over stupid shit without knowing facts
People disrespect the veterans and military
Gay marriage is legal
News hiding the important shit and only discusses stupid shit that isn't news
Prisons are being packed
Anyone can get famous now
Everyone wants either sex or prison time

Eh.. I don't even.. First of all, what's wrong with most of these? Not all people are like this as you listed. Those are just what you don't like and makes you think it's corrupting USA somehow. Gay marriage, what's wrong with that? If a person just likes the same gender as she/he is then so what? It doesn't affect anyone. "Anyone can get famous now"? What's that supposed to mean from your perspective? Isn't the as we call it fame just a people how is liked and other peoples wanna follow his stuff and such? I just don't get that statement.. How do you know that "no one is not loyal anymore"? Yea, probably the people who you know aren't it seems.. "People disrespect the veterans and military"?? Yea, probably the few people you've seen. "Everyone wants either sex or prison time"?? Da fug?? "People questioning Gods existence"? What's bad about that?

Most of those statements are just stupid..
"raawr says the dinosaur right?"

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I feel like you made this thread thinking that most would agree with you, when every thing you mention is opinion based without fact to back it up.

You claimed to have been "searching and paying attention for the longest" but lack proficient evidence that any of which was stated is true, even if some are true.

Anyone can get famous now?(How is this relevant?) pack some canned food boys it's the end of the USA.

site your sources man.
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Originally Posted by DeakManiac View Post
racism is beyond out of control

Yeah you know man, I really agree with you. There's far too much hate in the world and even though we've made some progress I still feel like there's still too many haters out ther-
Originally Posted by DeakManiac View Post
Gay marriage is legal

This thread is too dumb. Going to immortalise the stupidity.
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