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hi im czarech16. and im 10 my discord name is NOst0p i joined toribash in 2015. the mods im best in are aikido,aikidobigdojo although im a brown belt i can beat black belts.while i lost my old account because i quit and didn't remember my account. i still have my skills
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My app

About me

So...yeah ill be honest with you guys ive been playing toribash for almost 3 years now and its really hard adapting to other games. Im not gonna tell My age since Im surprsingly young,and ive got two infractions. Ive been improving My skills in toribash in the ways of in game tricking because ive been inspired in the idea of manipulating our tori to do realistic tricks. Ive also improved competitively because I can keep up with the toughest players in toribash. My previous clans were nightshade,Flame,Enforce,Trance, and Blaze most of em died and caused trauma.

Why id like to Join Tank

To be honest I just want a clan to stay and make friends and expand My knowledge to this game and also to improve My skills. I know its short but seriously I hate exsaggerating things just to make it a colorful journey to join Tank. Also Tank seems like a very legit clan for the likes of me that is very eager to improve in this game thats all.

"Tank is a brotherhood, Not just a clan"

heres some tricking replay that took my time
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File Type: rpl [T] - SkinnyPonies.rpl (399.2 KB, 2 views)
File Type: rpl [T] - Sugar,Spice, and everything noice.rpl (461.4 KB, 1 views)
I sell kids on Craigslist

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Clan: Tank

Arkin20 is pretty good at ABD so I +1 on that, And those tricking replays are good. So I think we should let him in. Provide some previous clans maybe and give some more detail why you'd like to join and about you.

Czarech16 wasn't bad in ABD but wasn't great either. Please provide some replays of you playing and some previous clans and add more detail about yourself.
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also my discord name is mindless
I sell kids on Craigslist
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Hello, my Tori name is Lust5, real name is Ellis. I'm 14 years old living in Cali, going into my freshman year of high-school. Currently commitited to English Football. Tend to have practices a few times a week. I've been playing toribash on and off since 2012, this is my new account. My favorite mods are boxshu, aikido, aikido big dojo, and i like to spar from time to time. I want to be a member of Tank because i want to make friends to improve my skills.
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