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KittyCat...err Reta says!

Welcome to another Edition of this Event!
As we all know everyone loves cats soooo
This event it brought to you by RETA AGAIN??

You will have to make a replay that has exactly 1000 Frames.
You get the first task, once the deadline is over everyone that fulfilled the task moves to the next round.
Now everyone gets the next task.
The trick is that you can't use a new replay but must edit your old one,so you better be looking out for your frames.
This will go on until only one person has frames left, that person will be declared the winner!

No stealing
No late entries
No collaborations
No replay hacking
Use only classic.tbm with no changes made
Don't move Uke unless told otherwise

1st place: 6ST, 40K TC and 2 out of 4 Coloured Pads* exclusive ES Says Item!
2nd place: 4ST, 25K TC and 1 out of 4 Coloured Pads* exclusive ES Says Item!
3rd place: 2ST 10K TC !
You can not purchase this item anywhere! The only way to obtain it is to collect all 4 pads* and trade them in !
*The parts are only collectible Items (like the Blood Vodka), while the ES Says Item is an equipable 3D Item!

You will have different judges for each Edition of this Event!
Your judges for this time will be me!

You will have 3 days for each Task prior to Task 5, from Task 5 onwards this time will be varying and there will be a one day break between every Task!

You have 1 week to sign up for this, meaning the sign up phase ends on the 6th of January

to enter just say "i want in"

Huge thanks to Rfifan for this tasklist!!!

-Task 1 Grab your own head.
-Task 2 Decap yourself.
-Task 3 Decap Uke with your own head, nothing but your own head is allowed to touch Ukes head !
-Task 4 Dismember Ukes right hip!
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kiwi is a cute boi <3

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My bad, told someone to wrap it up as I was busy with uni, forgot to check.
Sending prizes in an hour.

Find the hidden shovel and uncover the secrets of my religion.
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10:17 PM <~Creati0n> GAS THE DUELERS
6:35 PM <&Fear> good job reta you are now the King Admin
6:35 PM <Typhon> Gj Reta god

Reta is online now  
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