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[Promo-Team] A Christmas Carol Video Competition

Ever sit at home, listening to those annoying Christmas carols,thinking to yourself how much you hate them, being an old scrooge or a Green Grinch? Here's a time where you can mix it up a bit, turn on those Carols get some beats into add some jazz hands and dance! Pull a Tom Cruise slide across the floor in your underwear while the camera is on! Dance the holiday's away!

The goal of this competition is to make a video, involving your tori's or other tori's (with their premission) to make a music video going along with the listed Christmas Carols. The flow and the creativity of the videos will be judged.


-The video must be all Toribash related. No real life videos of yourself dancing.
-May only use your own replays and other peoples replays (With their premission!)
-Do not steal anyones ideas.
-The video must be atleast 1:30 long.
-Must be provided on youtube or any other video hosting site. NO file upload sites such as rapidshare.
-The Christmas Carols ARE allowed to be remixes/remixed.


Creativity: -/30
Transitions: -/5
Effects: -/20
Use of seasonal art: -/10
Goes well with the music: -/10
Highest scoring possibility: 75

Ties will result in other Promo-Team members tallying up.

1. Demon Force + 100,000tc
2. Alpha Imperial Force + 75,000tc
3. Pure Force + 50,000tc


Available Song List
-Jingle Bells
-We Three Kings of Orient are
-Rudolph The Red nose Reindeer
-Frosty The Snow Man
-Little Drummer Boy
-Jingle Bell Rock
-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Last entry allowed: December 24.
Judging will start December 25.

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Really Awesome Vids guys...I love them ;)
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Sorry guys got really really caught up in stuff. Winners will be announced in 24 hours prizes will be dispersed in 48 hours. Thanks for the wait.
I am deeply sorry.
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Thank you for waiting.
Winners are
1. Muffindo

Congrats to the winners.
Prizes will be dispersed within the next 24 hours.
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Nice, first time I won smth.^^ 75k Oo

And gratz to Muffindo :D
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If you want your scores you may pm me.
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Thanks a lot, it's actually the first comp I win
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Prizes sent guys!

Thank you for participating!

And awesome job, you did!

Vox sucks
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