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dark souls trilogy
bioshock trilogy
mount and blade warband with mods (in the name of Jerusalem, a clash of kings, a world of ice and fire, 108 heroes and more)
metro 2033
metro last light (can't say about metro exodus, because I haven't played it)
the witcher trilogy (mainly 2 and 3 tho)
borderlands 2 with basically all of its dlc
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Rayman Origins

Competitive Multiplayer/Esports:
Escape from Tarkov
Rocket league
League of Legends

Car games:
Project Cars 2 (tuning/racing)
Forza Horizon 4 (tuning/racing/open world)
Asetto Corsa (tuning/racing)
My Summer Car (realism/car building/fixing/racing/open world)
BeamNG (sandbox, only good to pass time when bored)
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (realism/car building/fixing)

Might & Magic Heroes (3 and 4 are the best ones imo, 5-6 are alright as well, newest ones are garbage)
Civilization 4
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oh yeah
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I play devil daggers
oh yeah
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DB FighterZ, or any other fighting game. Put some time in them and they become a few hundred of hours of pure rage and fun
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path of exile
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overgrowth is pretty nice
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ok, sorry for not responding but after a long time of searching and playing games, i've found out many cool games that i liked. Here a list :
Stardew Valley
Dead Cells
Risk of rain 2
Age of civilization 2
Streets of Rogue
Terra Tech
Getting Over It (I love it and also hate it at the same time)

Thank you for all of you games ^^
Some of you guys game really got into my favorite list
I forgot to mention that i really like pixel game types and i don't play violent games, a bit is ok
Feel free to mention more games here
Thanks again ^^
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I’ve been playing Boring Man recently, gotta say it is pretty fun.
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microsoft paint
Enjoint life
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