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Old Oct 7, 2017   #1
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unfortunately . . . crollex survived.

Project #1: Some random anime dude(?)

Original Concept

Comic Finish


Smooth Finish

Project #2: Anime Gril Doh

Original Concept



Project #3: Anime Boy Revamp *WTF* (Totally aware it is too dark. Will fix that l8t3r. And it isn't really complete. Gonna wait till close to Halloweenie.)



Project [Throwback] #4: The First Head I Ever Made "Sad Green Eskimo"

The Original that I will be recreating

Project [Request] #5: Food WarZ mmmboi



Project [$$$] #6: Probably Evil


Project [$$$] #7: Breakfast Boi



Project [$$$] #8: Badger's Wrath Revamp

Before Revamp

After My Magic


Sometimes we make free heads. Have some:


Mortimer 3D



Rin 3D


Omi 3D

Well, I do at least. Depending on how I feel, I may make you a free head.
Sometimes I might want to charge you though, so always expect it to be a paid head.

Contact me via. Discord (please): Noy Synakorn#1190

programs used include clip studio paint and some painting app that I don't know. gotta ask crollex when he wakes up.

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Old Oct 8, 2017   #2
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Yo, I'm actually a huge fan of the cartoonistic look and your unique way of shading it, also do you think we could see the heads on a sphere? They look dope as shit so far. I just personally think the mapping might be little bit off but I'm no pro so don't quote me on it
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Old Oct 8, 2017   #3
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You can dl lp me, i have the smooth version on me uwu
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Old Oct 8, 2017   #4
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I will get sphere's in a sec.
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Old Oct 8, 2017   #5
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These look nice, but some observations I've made,

The hair doesn't really sit well for "project #1" and "project #2",
For p#1 there's too much spacing on the right side of the head, should add an ear to help fill it in a bit more.

For P#2, it's the same thing, too much spacing towards the back, instead try filling it with more hair to give it a more smooth look,

Also for the both, maybe adding a more facial shading/coloring depending on how you want it to look.
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Old Oct 8, 2017   #6
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CnC always appreciated. Thanks for taking the time. Croll and I shall take it to mind.
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Old Oct 8, 2017   #7
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nice heads, really better than average, you do amazing.

I can CnC only if the smooth finish on the first head and the robot,
The shading on 1st is not fitting any light source wich makes it flat.
And the robot seems incomplete(I guess you are done), too simple
and not as stylish as the other heads, shading bots in comic style
can be a bit hard for some people.

most of the heads have good mapping, drawing and coloring.
I see style in your heads, you have talent!
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Old Oct 9, 2017   #8
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Great tuff you got there
But I personaly dont like the 1st head it doesnt have any realy shading on the smooth finish maybe add some nice shading to it


All Stars
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Old Oct 9, 2017   #9
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Yoyoyo. Thanks for the tips yall. Probably going to personally be revamping the heads to get them a little more spice.

As for the robot head, it was just something found in the depths of a folder. Crollex was just like, "Eh. Might as well make it free m8." We strive to make good quality stuff all the time, including free made ones, but sometimes . . . meh. I'm sure the noobs out there appreciate it still xD
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Old Oct 10, 2017   #10
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Hopefully within next 72 hours:

Anime Dude Revamp - Status: I broke it. I finished(no u didnt loser), but I completely broke it.
Lollipop Girl Revamp
and perhaps a finish of the free Robo head.

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