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Marketeer of the Hill

Think you're the most hardcore of all the active marketeers? This is your time to prove it.

Each participant will receive access to a special account with 5,000 toricredits (paid by their entry fee) and 20000 Qi, and they'll use this account to market. It will have a special character at the beginning of its username so it won't be able to go ingame. This account will be permabanned after the event is over.

To enter, all you need to do is send 5000tc to the Marketeers account and post on this thread confirming that you've sent the tc.

Your objective is to gain the most toricredits of all who are competing in the event - items will not be taken into account with your total toricredits.

  1. You may not receive any TC or items from any other form of monetary gain other than selling/trading items (this includes asking people to give you huge discounts on items due to the event).
  2. You are only allowed to sell ITEMS. Buying and selling art is not allowed under any circumstances.
  3. All transactions must be done through either SafeTrade or through the market (you cannot send TC directly or receive an item directly to or from users, users who do not utilize SafeTrading will be infracted).
  4. If you receive 3 infractions on your alternate account, you will be disqualified from the event and the TC you gained will be taken.
  5. You cannot use PayPal or any other way of transferring real life money to gain TC or items.
  6. You are not allowed to utilize the SafeTrade system to secretly store your tc amount from the public.
  7. Your event account may only post in the Items section and the Particle Flames section - any posts that are not within those sections will be infracted and will count towards your three event infractions.

Anyone found to be transferring items to or from their event account for any other reason than for legitimate marketing within the rules of this event will be immediately disqualified and have a hefty ban placed on their main account. Please don't try to cheat the system. We want a fun and fair event here.

1st: 55% of the total tc on the other event accounts, ToriPrime (1 year), VIP (6 months), and you will be able to keep your special account.
(you also get all of the items and tc you collected on your new special account)

The other 45% of the tc found on every special account will be sent to the participant who utilized the account during the event - all items found will be further utilized for upcoming events and fun times.


The event will start on August 27th and end on September 27th.

Entries will no longer be accepted 4 days before the event starts: midnight on Aug. 23rd (GMT 0).

If you have any questions, message a member of the Market Squad or post in this thread.


Happy marketing! :]

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Just incase anyone was interested in the numbers of this event:

With a total of 22 legitimates marketeers (excluding disqualified players) investing 110,000tc, a total of 571,730tc was inside all of the event accounts by the end of the month - and that's not including any items found on any of the accounts.

SmallBowl, the winner, had 446,092tc (a whopping 70% of the total amount of the tc within the accounts) on his event account at the end of the month - congratulations to him! He's received his brand new 20,000qi account, ToriPrime and VIP combo, plus 55% of all of the tc gathered by the other marketeers (69,101tc). The other 45% of the tc pool has been sent to the other marketeers who participated.

Thanks to everyone who participated! We've gathered a bit of information from this event run, and we intend to change our events around to appeal to those who are participating within them. If anyone has any suggestions for future Market Squad events or has a tweak to make to this event here, please PM me.

Peace dudes!
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