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Toricoin Design Competition

To win this event, you have to come up with a perfect ToriCoin icon design.
The entry that we find perfect (if any) will be used as an official icon for ToriCoins (TCN) in Toribash and Toribash Next.

Minimum accepted image resolution is 128x128
Ideally, attach a 32x32 version of it as well. Otherwise, avoid adding too much detail so that your icon still looks good when downscaled.
All entries should have transparent background
No NSFW entries

The creator of a winning entry (if any) is going to receive:

20 Shiai Tokens
100.000 Toricredits
Tori Team | Soderspy

For any other entry that we like, you'll receive:

2 Shiai Tokens
10.000 Toricredits
Tori Team | Soderspy

This event ends July 16th, 9 PM GMT

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Did he convert his from raster to vector? it looks a lot less rasterized/pixelated then when he posted it.
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Nice choice, very minimalist and effective, as well as having the tb logo be recognizable and different
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Originally Posted by sir View Post

Noteworthy entries:
- Realistic coin design by Ezeth
- Minimalist style by Tobik91
- Pixel-art design by ThePirateKing
- and a lot of different designs by PLN

We spent almost a month deciding which entry we like the most and we've finally made our choice:

The winner of Toricoin Design Competition is Hagan, congratulations!

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