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Old Aug 20, 2017   #11
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my birthday is august 23rd
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I sent you 50 USD.
Let me win.
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Old Aug 20, 2017   #13
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Originally Posted by Reta View Post
Will you put everything you have one the line?

I'll do three
8:21 PM <duck> I'll touch your market all over
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its not halloween idiot reta

also it sounds like if you lose you get banned or something
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Originally Posted by Nugget View Post
Awww you must be talking about my birthday <3 yeah my birthday's on the 27th. Many thanks reta

Yeah actually everyone cares Nugget, everything is about you. Dont focus on the primary here big dog. Nugget nugget nugget
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great event, but the rules are a little bit unfair, especially the 4th one.
i'll say that i'm in, just in case...
So yeah...
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Old Aug 20, 2017   #17
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Originally Posted by royal View Post
Is English the primary language of whoever wrote the poem/OP? Because it's terrible.

God Bless.

i'm sure an english fluent staff member would have read this, it could be intentional
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Old Aug 20, 2017   #18
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cyka sounds like fun

edit: also im in lul

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I'm willing to put everything one the line for this.
<@Fear> lol chill <~suomynona> lel <~Creati0n> you put december <~Creati0n> you MONSTER <~suomynona> oh so I did.
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This sounds like some freaky deeky shit m8s I'm in :'D
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