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In coder land
Toribash 2.5

Version 2.5 of Toribash is now released.

New for 2.5:
- Custom joint color items from our forum store
- ToriUpdate runs automatically in the background
- ToriUpdate will replace existing heads that needs to be updated
- Rotation mod commands to change rotation of bodypart
- Axis mod command to change axis of joints
- alt_sides mod command to change size of grip hands
- Remote server administration (no need to restart server for a settings change)
- Added /ban command for servers (please behave during clan league matches ;)
- Added a speedometer (works like altimeter with fastest for frame/game)
- Better camera handling when going through replays
- Shakeable camera
- new console commands (exportworld, exec, set, connect, rumblecam, smartcamera)
- start script to store any personal settings (profile.tbs)
- GUI enhancements (game announce, bout list animation, multiplayer window updates)
- Grips rewind ghosts

Bug fixes:
- Removed fake message bug
- Fix for computers without sound card
- Pressing enter on purchase screen doesn't open web browser for regged users
- Clicking on player doesn't switch to neck for selected joint
- More checks on malformed mods
- Removed some more characters from nicks



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Re: Toribash 2.5
Every turn i play starts all the way zoomed out. That sucks. I tried turning off the smartcam and rumble cam.

I lose about 5-6 seconds zooming in every turn.

edit: Nevermind. The first replay in my folder was Longpass Knockout... That defaulted the camera to a far zoom. So, the first replay it plays should be normal zoom.
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Re: Toribash 2.5
How to use the Axis mod command
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Re: Toribash 2.5
axis 0 0 0
any 0 can be 1 or -1 or 0
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Re: Toribash 2.5
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Re: Toribash 2.5
It works on my MacBook perfectly. Good Job Hampa!
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