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Earn ToriCredits for winning
Now you get ToriCredits for winning Toribash matches. You get 10 credits per win. The accounts are updated midnight on each game server.

For you to earn credits you need the following:
1. A Forum account with the same name as your ingame account (prefixed clan tags are ignored as usual)
2. Registered account
3. Input your registration key on the forum.

To make sure your forum account is setup properly do the following:

Go to your Profile/Account Related settings:

Verify that your Name matches your ingame nick (ignore prefixed clan tags)

Verify that your Registration Key matches your ingame reg key

Once you've input a valid Key, you will be recognised as a Toribashian

If you win and your credits don't get added for some reason they will not disappear, but be added next time the servers updates the forums.

If you still have problems let me know and I will check the logs for you.
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Re: Earn ToriCredits for winning
Originally Posted by RbLcK
Originally Posted by Hamade
this is kinda unfair for the unregged ppl. I won like 24 matches now trying to get mroe forum credz and now I red this topic and it shows me I can't. I think I am gonna quit if regged ppl are being pulled in front that much.

It's not supposed to be fair. Its a demo. If you don't have the game, you don't get access to full features. You have no use for credits anyways! You can't even buy stuff to use.

Anyways, multipliers would be cool. Add 10 credits for each kill in the spree. Example, win 1 game, get 10, 2 in a row, get 20 for that one match, 3 in a row, 30, etc.

RbLcK stands correct here.
If you have not bought the game, then why should we create features for you to use? Buy the game, and then you get the new features.

Quite simple really.

I don't want to see any more people talking about this.

If you have any more suggestions, I suggest you go and post it in the Suggestions board.
don't unban, he has hard coded userid bypasses everywhere.
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