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Get rid of tk in Ranked
Hey get rid of TK in ranked Hardly anyone wants this there. the weirdos that do are very vocal about it but hardly ever play ranked. it's to random. At the very least try to fix it and make it more competitive maybe add a box like in boxshu but smaller. or increase dm ratio
add a point system similar to the one in the lesduncan mod that existed a while back
turn dq off if it's a striking mod it shouldn't be there
if we do a vote for this how about only let the top 100 players vote or something along those lines
Make arms and legs not take damage or at least only biceps and shoulders take damage

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Increasing dmt too much, removing dq, changing dms to fractures all make the mod susceptible to turning into hug fest instead of "keep distance". Either way, there's been many attempts at making "more competetive" mods with various body mods, joint strengths, point systems, etc, but people still play the tried and true classic.tbm with altered game rules. But if you really think that this one time it's gonna be a game changer, there's a "request a mod" thread iirc.

EDIT: couldn't find the request a mod thread, still you'd probably have more luck asking a modmaker help you out.
Whabb owo

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