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What Is Your Favourite Mod, and why?
Personally my favorite mod of all time would be Taekkyon.tbm.
This mod really spoke to me as I was big into single player, and taekkyon
Was the best transition available for my playstyle at the time.
I am very curious what your favorite mod is, and why?
Any mods allowed, wether it be fun mods or competitive mods.
I am just curious what mods the community is most interested in.
Mods Mods Mods
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My go to was aikido, just having fun twisting and turning each other is such a blast, but no one plays in a fun manner anymore.

Soccer matches with people that were willing to just pass the ball back and forth was fun but then everybody made impossible to get corner shots for easy wins,

Sparring was a great way to just chill and have great conversations , but then the grabbers and people that end up hitting you rapidly for points kinda ruined it.

Parkour was great and moments where you both help each other to even get over a ledge but then no one seemed to be able to progress anymore and give up mid way.

Recently a Greco-Roman style wrestling mod where you just throw each other and do some really neat tactical movements to just pin your opponent but after a while it started getting laggier after every released update.

Basically those were favorite mods I used to have fun with. And would still call favorites when you get paired with someone fun.
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i really enjoy wushu epeen because it made me have a different perspective on life.

it really made me think about gay pride

i now worship mutunus tutunus everyday because that mod help me be enlightened by the gods.
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Judofrac is prolly my favorite mod just because it's fun to play. Its also one of the only mods Im decent at, and I have been playing it almost since I joined.

I am also a huge fan of tk as I found many of my friends playing it, and also I like how it's played. Not a fan of the meta though.
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Lenshu3ng and abd because I started out playing those mods and they are fun to me

Also I like nograb in the lenshu mod and I like making saves in the abd mod
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I can agree on lenshu3ng. It is a very fun mod. After wushu died I kind of greavitated towards lenshu.
It is a good striking mod. I just do not like when people run from you. Although it is not very hard to launch yourself across the ring.
It can sometimes be tedious. Lenshu is also a very diverse mod which I love.
I don't really like the older lenshu mods that you can grab in, as it changes the meta and isn't as enjoyable as lets say lenshu3ng
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Oh yeah I forgot about lenshu, really is a fun mod and ninjutsu, I think those were my two first mods I played for a while when I joined toribash.
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Nothing beats xspar, simple concept, realistic gravity, unlimited reactiontime, great distance between each tori to allow some interesting movements.
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Toriboxing, It has the realism of sparring if done right and it's absolutely brutal when you land a full power punch, i just love the feeling of destroying the whole server while still having style and refraining from kicking and backhanding, like in real boxing.
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Just look at this, this, and this. I wouldn't need to say more, but it's on the rules so:
The booms are amazing to do, and the gameplay itself, even that it's kinda "slow", is really fun. Playing it looks like making replays, but without re-editing.
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