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Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post

My 2015 Audi A3 Quattro

I drive an 2015 Audi A3, Quattro edition, so I think it's an extra 55 horsepower. I put the tires and rims on it not this Christmas but the prior. Like 36,000 miles on it. Coincidentally enough I have the lamest car of the house but I love her.

Nice Motegi rims.
Was planning on buying some similar to those for my Honda
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I have a 2002 ford explorer in grandpa gold with the super stylish cloth seats with the leather trim that burns the fuck out of you in the summertime. Its slow as shit and i get like 15 mpg, but i only had to plant two tree saplings for the car cuz my grandparents got a new car so they pretty much gave it to me. It runs and drives and i can fit a good amount of people in it so its whatever. im gonna add a reflective decal on the back window that says "Turn off your fucking high beams" so when people behind me have their high beams on at night they'll see that lol. Its got like 153k miles on it and i gotta take it in for an oil change soon but atm i cba to do that
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I drive a Dodge Challenger 1999 model. Quite a nice car.

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Lol? There is no 1999 Challenger. There was a hiatus from '83-'08. But if you have an '08 or new, they are very nice, and that would be my choice of car if I didn't have two Mustangs.
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2006 pontiac g6 gt

i don't know anything about cars all i know is i've spent way too much money on it in the last month
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I cheaped out and bought a 1998 Toyota Camry LE with a V6 but I threw a $600 sound system into it because I am foolish with money. xD

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Originally Posted by Pouffy View Post
2006 pontiac g6 gt

i don't know anything about cars all i know is i've spent way too much money on it in the last month

i have a 2008 Pontiac G5 (not my pic). Its really nice, great speakers and what not.
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'08 chevy silverado, 5.3 v8. Went from a 08 mazda 3 sport do this, love it to death. Helps that I'm 6 foot 4 so plenty of space.

I use to have this issue with my mazda where I would get a bruise on my leg from resting it on the center console. So having all the extra space my truck provides is a dream.

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Originally Posted by WeooWeoo View Post
i have a 2008 Pontiac G5 (not my pic). Its really nice, great speakers and what not.

I too drive an 08 Poniac G5
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oh this'll be fun. never thought this community had any car people really.
personally i have a volvo 945 turbo and a volvo 744 gl.

945 has a ported top and a bricked wastegate, as well as a cone filter which basically does nothing but make the blow off noticable. Either way it's putting out around 200hp. cut springs and removed back silencer.
it doesn't really keep up with lambo's but it does burnouts in third on dry pavement (i think. m90 transimissions are known for breaking third, but i'm able to pump gas it through second). open diff though.
plan is to sell it and buy a 744 and turbo convert that one, or put a t5 engine in it.

then there's the 744 which is basically a winter beater gone too far. it has nothing done to it with the engine, but it has a welded diff and a budget light build on it. it's quite rusty and bad looking, but some paint never lets you down hehe.
cut springs on this one as well. though with half a lap less of the spring in the rear, so it's lower than the 945.
it has a 940 front due to the fact that it's a -91 and originally has the really ugly front. cut rear silencer and replaced it with a bigger straight pipe leading into a japs silencer. might cut the middle silencer as well just for the fucks of it.

so yeah. future plans is to either sell both cars or keep the 744 as a parts car, or a drift missile if i manage to find enough room to be able to put another engine in it.
then find a much nicer 740, but from the 80's instead so it has the better looking front, put a usa front on it (ironic to the people who don't know the difference and mounting on the two different headlights, but try to not think about it), in with a turbo b230 engine and put a bigger turbo and bigger injectors on it. i'm aiming for 250hp but i'd be happy with anything above 240 really. put some wheels (probably ocean mk18 ) on it and just use it. the main idea of it is to be a nice looking car which i can also take to the track and use as a drift car.
then maybe a daily. thinking of any old volvo with a d24 (or d5252t) but you never know.
and whenever my bank account allows it, supra.

there's tons more pictures on my insta.


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