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Old Jan 30, 2018   #1
8th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Technique

Most infuriating thing that has happened to you today?
Like what the title says...

For me:

I remembered having a game on my PlayStation Portable back then called Hajime No Ippo, I loved and played the hell out of that game and it's what introduced me to the Ippo anime and manga, So I decided to find my PSP after 30 minutes of trying to find it somewhere in my room I was successful in finding it then proceeded to turn it on, I went to the games folder and I launched the Hajime No Ippo game. I waited a minute and a half and it would not go past this white screen, I tried resetting the system and booting the game up and it still had that problem. I found out that every game on my damn old PSP was like that because something probably broke in it or some dust got in it. So I went on the internet, downloaded a PSP emulator, then started to search for that game. I was successful in finding it and went on to download it, but because of the slow ass WiFi it took about an hour and a half to download that small 207 mb file. When it FINALLY reached 100% I went on to grab my USB and my phone, and as I was inserting the USB into the computer I accidentally moved my chair and the plug went off the socket.

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Old Jan 30, 2018   #2
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just repeat and succeed dude

Me: today is my second day of classes, and i pretty much had a "practice lesson" in the pediatric ward, i got there and waited for 2 ducking hours for my tutor. When he finally came, he instructed me to see and vaccinate a child, so i went there and i thought great, a kid, i'm good at this, just when i was about to give him the vaccine (chickenpox), the little demon started kicking me, crying and almost bit me wtf, ofc i did what another man would do in my place, i screamed desperately for help. In short, my tutor came, laughed at me, called me a fanny and bribed the kid with an apple cheater. And i will be trolled for almost being murdered by another Johan (references). And i have a headache as a bonus, what a shitty day. should've kicked the kid's ass or infect him with ebola
Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind!
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Old Jan 31, 2018   #3
7th Dan Black Belt
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i couldnt get my form right doing shoulder presses and i got mad
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Old Jan 31, 2018   #4
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waking up at 3 am only to throw up on my pillow and then trying to sleep in the smell of big mac puke again
cage the gargoyle
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Old Jan 31, 2018   #5
sex needed URGENTLY Belt
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i lost 75k, and now i'm mad
all this money i might hide it in the bank
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Old Feb 1, 2018   #6
Vortex or bad Belt
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5 2nd places in a row in solo fpp in pubg
and then i placed 3rd 2 more times.

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Old Feb 2, 2018   #7
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I was making hot chocolate and it came everywhere in the microwave.
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Old Feb 3, 2018   #8
kawaiwii Belt
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Clan: Adventure

Tried to climb over a broken fence and ended up with the nastiest cuts on my calves imaginable.
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Old Feb 3, 2018   #9
i want you to know that i've been sexually attracted to orko for some time now
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sarah was supposed to leave her computer on overnight to turn the jute into cloth but that dumb bitch forgot she had sleep mode still on her laptop so it stopped producing what a BITCH
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
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Old Feb 3, 2018   #10
Meat Beating Belt
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This morning while laying in bed all warm and cozy i farted too hard and shat myself in a flurry of diarrhea and sadness/anger.

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