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Hey guys, it's been a long time since i ever wrote an application, but i'm applying for tribe.
I'm a 17 year old dude living in Indonesia (GMT +7). I live in a country which doesn't use English for it's first language, but i manage to talk pretty decent English due to going to an international school.
In-Game Things
I've been part of the TB community since 2014 as you can see to the left. I have been in other clans such as Catalyst, Just, Soap, Ultimate, and more which i can't remember. I've taken a long break mostly on 2017, i've been dead for around 3/4 of 2017. I've known people such as Natejas, Monika, Lexx and Stone. I'd say im a pretty decent dueler, I've dueled people like Holotor, Natejas, iRookie, RKG and Monika. my main mod would be ABD, i do play other mods such as Lenshu, Boxshu, Judofrac, and a little of RK-MMA. I clap people like Natejas and Monika everyday as my hobby. If you realized how i do not have any replays attached, I'm not the type of person to really save replays on anything. I used to have a bunch of good replays before i uninstalled TB in the beginning of 2017 and reinstalled it at the end of 2017.
Other Important Things
I did have a name change. my previous name was SansFord, I eventually realised what a shitty name that was and decided to kill Mufasa and claim the name "scar".
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Clan: Tribe

Scar is now in discussion.
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Rite of Passage Application
Who am I?
  • Hello members of the Tribe! I'm Enclave, but my actual name is David. I'm currently 19, from the USA (GMT-4), and have lived in South Carolina pretty much my whole life.
  • I'm from a city named Myrtle Beach which I'm sure at least some of you have heard of.
  • I currently go to USC (Spurs Up!) and my major is in Real Estate. I plan on applying to grad school in my 4th year.
  • I speak English and I'm proficient in Spanish.
  • I love Toribash, am an avid Fallout fan, Battlefield pilot, Borderlands looter, and sometimes give a go at Papers Please.
Toribash Involvement:
  • I joined in 2011 when my friend showed me this game, I was 11, and then ya know a nice short 7 year break of course: became active again 3 months ago
  • Previous Username: Enclave001, Alts: DeezNuhtz/NotEnclave
  • Previous Clans: [Pyro]->(Flawless)->(Fart)
  • Used to play Taekkyon and Taekwando as my main mods, starting to get into boxshu now
Why Tribe?
  • One of the most respectable clans in the community!
  • Tribe reminds me of my fraternity as it's more of a brotherhood than just a "clan."
  • Tribe's members actually play and aren't dead
  • I feel like I connect with the people who are in it more than other clans' members
  • I'm not that great but the players in Tribe are skilled and I'm willing to learn from them
Fun Facts!
  • I drive stick
  • colorlind but hey it has its advantages
  • Blazin Challenge Survivor
  • Yes! I play the Cello!!!
*Of course, this is my first time ever making an application! If there's anything else you guys need to know or want to talk about just dm me in discord!*
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Rite of Passage
Hello members of Tribe, I'm is Sane or Dallas whatever you prefer. I currently live in Austin,Texas GMT: -6, although originally from the east coast. I'm currently working at a taco place as a line cook.
About me:
I'm have a lot of interest that keep me busy in my free time outside of gaming and will list them below:
  • Photography, 35mm film is my choice but I respect the art as a whole.
  • Riding my bike, usually shredding my local skatepark if I'm not at work or on TB.
  • Reddit, do I need to say more?
As a big interest for me as gaming TB is not the only game/platform I am involved in. Rocket League duo's are my stomping ground with my Brother as my defense. I play Xbox just about as much as PC, for any ID's (Gamertag, Steam ID, etc.) pm me on discord.
Toribash things and stuff:
My join date on this account says December 2013, but I've been playing TB since early 2011. Although I can't find the account username that I was using from the start. I did take a 5ish year break from lack of a laptop. My previous clans involve: BadC and KS, I left those clans for a lack of forum activity, random drama withing the members, and basically just focusing on clan ranking. Some mods I play most include, Boxhsu, ABD and oddly enough ninjustu.
Tribe application info
  • Looking for a clan that will last, and strive under the change over to TBN when it officially releases.
  • Also looking for guidance in-game and on forums on how to better myself in the Toribash community.
  • Tribe seems more than a clan in my eyes, seems like just a group of friends that enjoy playing the same game, and its definitely a nice change of pace to me.
More important info:
Alt: Relical, just kinda use it as a bank now but its there.
Also looking to name change sometime soon, just figured I'd mention it in-case my app is still in discussion.
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Clan: Tribe

Scar is still in discussion.
Enclave is now in discussion.
StaySane is now in discussion.
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