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Old Oct 5, 2012   #1
In coder land
4.2 beta2


New ingame music:
/music status - info about current playlist/track
/music queue - list tracks in queue
/music list username - list custom/username tracks
/music normal|repeat|random - control what track is played next
/music play custom/tori/track1.ogg - play a specific track
/music play tori - play all tracks from custom/tori
/music volume [0-128] - set music volume
/music start|stop|pause|resume|next|prev

Mod maker fixes:
-added copy ability
-camera mode to mod maker
-fixed 0 frame game rule on export
-added player exported mod directory

Bug fixes:
- optimized compatibility for graphics modes
- fixed alpha env obj drawing with ghost basic render
- faster loading of customs (big textures)

- music is for your ears only
- even if you upload .wav it is converted to .ogg (I have no plans of supporting .mp3 due to licensing issues)

if the graphics lag please post your specs (Windows version and graphics card)

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I'm obviously trying this
Can't wait to see it
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Working great, I'll edit this post if I find any problems.

EDIT::Is it just me or do some of the joints look...different?

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The music can be heard by all the players in a server, or not?
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oh yeah
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Is there any chance that other sound formats are going to be accepted? .wav makes up for huge files and .ogg makes my music sound like crap somewhy
oh yeah
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WOW awesome your the best hampa!
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Wow. Another accomplishment from hampa, keep up the good work.
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The Music addition is amazing. The only problem is uploading. The large file sizes required for .wav makes it long. Also .ogg is okay quality but for the best i like .wav, so it takes a long time. Another thing you should check is that i don't think other people can hear your music. For example I was doing running tourney and i asked if they liked my music and one guy said he did but the rest couldn't hear it. I tried a couple things(turning up the music volume, restarting toribash, and replaying the song) but they still couldn't hear it. I think you should look into that a bit, but overall i'm loving the new version, keep it up Hampa.
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its nice but veryveryveryvery laggy. i am glad that the joint texture glitch is gone though
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The sound update...
Are you planning on adding the sound items to this update too?
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