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A "hello" from a newbie
So, i'm presenting myself, my name's Ryujiman, 14 years old, i'm what they call a real but REAL noob (couldn't beat Uke even after 2 weeks of training :/ ), so...I may need some help from professional Toribashers ^^.
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I suggest Unibash or Bleu. They are 2 AMAZING groups that will get you figting like bruce lee on crack in no time. Anyways, if you're going to be on the forums more often, contact me whenever you have a concern or questions. Anyways, always listen to the rules, post often, follow your noble's olders, and have fun.
That guy named Poppo
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I may have some wise advice;

Alright, I mostly gained my skills by playing multiplayer. As a noob, I could barely touch uke, without decapping myself. So, I suggest applying for a class n Unibash, Bleu, or maybe a teaching org. ^Like he said.

I mostly started noticing improvement when I started goofing around and accidentally doing crazy stuff. Also, in multiplayer, you can learn how to defend yourself and react to moves, or to counter a move.

Anyway, welcome to the community. Good luck. If you have any questions, PM me.
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post in a unibash thread they are the people who could help you,
but there's no need to join a clan before black belt or so.
so don't join bleu in the start that means when you're blue or somthing like that.
you should keep looking for a clan, then you join that one you like best.
you also can PM me if there are any questions.
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When i joined everyone had a move some were the same as others so i say you should experement with toribash and create your own unbeatable opener
Unibash,bleu and tons of helpfull people in tb will help you
Delaid is the best mod ever :D
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