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Old May 9, 2017 Original Post  
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The Deadly Beam

Hello all you challengers, who're gonna risk your life for glory and fame.

You, who'll face the (possibly)deadly challenge of the The Deadly Beam !
You're alone against everything, so be courageous and walk(or run) !

You have to dodge sharp things, blunt things, circular sawthings and other sweet things, while being on a narrow beam.
Mod: tdbfinal.tbm
The best overall replay is declared the winner!

You can't touch the beam with more than 3 limbs at the same time.
No stealing of other peoples replays.
No replay hacking.
You may only use -20, -25 and -30 grav.
You may not submit replays with multiple accounts.

1st place: + 10ST + 30k

2nd place: + 5ST + 20k


You have exactly 1 month(31 days) from the start date!
Start date is now btw.

You may update your replays as many times as you want before deadline!
But remember to edit your original entry replay-post to avoid confusion or and spam.

If you have any questions you can ask them here or in #Events on the irc!
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Old Jun 8, 2017   #101
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Xioi isnt, he just hasnt found time recently to do it c:
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Originally Posted by rcrichman View Post
Xioi isnt, he just hasnt found time recently to do it c:

time is exactly the problem everyone are having including me.lmfao
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Old Jun 9, 2017   #103
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Ye, got like halfway but haven't been on my Pc way to much because i'm awaiting my daughter within 2 weeks so there's alot to do around the house. Sick replays everyone though, and gongratz in advance to all the winners. (rooting for you rune my bby<3)

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Old Jun 9, 2017   #104
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Time is up my bois!
We'll take some time to vote on replays. might be done in 1-3 days.

Winners will be announced here.
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Old Jun 12, 2017   #105
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Ok, so after judging we decided to give first place to rcrichman and second place to MagnusSol! Congratulations to them!
Prizes will be sent soon

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Old Jun 13, 2017   #106
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Congrats Rich!

Also is it normal I have not received anything yet?
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Old Jun 14, 2017   #107
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Sorry for the delay, sent most of the prizes.
Tc will be sent soon.
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