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Old Jul 18, 2017   #11
Please be kind to me
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Great job there, mate. She's cute as hell, besides her angry face, which makes her even prettier.
Her face features were well done, as well as its color scheme, pleasing to the eyes. Despite her face expression seeming generic, it works, so I can argue about it.
Looks like her hair clip is floating in mid hair, because there's no signs of hair beneath it indicating tension. As already told, the eyes are a bit far apart, causing the face to look slightly off.

some lines are a little rough and there are several missing shadows, mainly on the hair.
some missing shadows 

some rough features 

I know how hard is to keep your artwork clean using only a mouse, however there are some useful assistance tools you can take use to achieve a clean looking linework. It's specially great to reinforce her pretty features.
You can achieve this effect by fading out the corner of her eyelashes and eyebrows. Look at what I'm talking about:

If that's supposed to be lighting, then take care to not mess with it. Sometimes it seems like it's coming a bit to the left, a bit to the right and straight downwards.

I could be wrong and this is just glossy reflections.
My suggestion is to paint anisotropic reflections:

That's how usually I shine hair. You're free to disagree tough.

Anyways, great job again and continue with your work.

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Originally Posted by Chab View Post
nOOOOO that made it worse!

try going for a " c: " kind of facial expression

the problem with that recent change is that the mouth is just one line and its too big

She is angry now
Im going to smooth out the lines on the mouth
maybe just a little bit smaller

Originally Posted by Karstnator View Post
the nose and mouth look weird because of how far they are from each other

I feel like the eyebrows must must be a bit longer

hmmm the eyes are still a bit far apart from each other
I will try to change the eyebrowns tho , thanks!

Originally Posted by Blair View Post
Pretty head texture, style is very nice and simple.

Thanks Blair! also just wondering
are you bird? :o

Originally Posted by cadesto View Post
You and karst miff me with how you duds make surprisingly good head textures, but use a m o u s e. As for cnc, I would like to see the nose a bit more defined, I didn't even notice it when I first saw the flat.

Thanks! I think animu girls usually have a very small nose
sometimes they dont even have a nose xD
but I will keep that in mind

Originally Posted by cappuccino View Post

Woaaaaw thank you! you're awesome this is really useful
-fix the distance between the eyes
-shadows below the clip so it doesn't look like its floating
-smooth out the rough lines
-add the missing shadows

For the fading efect I think I will use a smudge tool
thanks for the advice on that!

And yes I was going for reflections and I really like what you did there xD
I will give it a try , thank you cappuccino
btw: Im a fan of the cosmic owl head texture you did
awesome work there <3
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Originally Posted by Sthip View Post
For the fading efect I think I will use a smudge tool
thanks for the advice on that!

try out a smooth low opacity brush on eraser, it will give you a better control of the fading effect.
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