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The whole "get kicked and lose elo" thing
Admit it. there has always been at least once when you were about to win a match then got kicked and lost elo. I think that if somebody kicks you from a game when you are playing, that they should lose elo even if they are not playing because others could do it for them and what-not. Same goes for reseting but only to a certain frame. mainly because if they reset in the beggining they shouldn't lose elo.
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
If you're kicked you don't lose ELO.
The allowed time to leave the game without losing ELO is until the first turn is executed.
AFK players don't lose ELO.

It was all implemented when 4.6 came out.

Surrender option is not needed. As Hax has already said, if you know that you don't have time to play, don't play.

I'm reopening since this apparently isn't fixed yet.
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