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cant find my old shit xddd
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Hey I've moved your thread for you. Be careful to post replays in the right board!!!
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So just to start this off I've never really participated in Uke Bashes but I've seen a lot of them and being the fact that I'd rather trick and only tunnel my vision to replays of those sorts, I'm actually please I clicked this thread.


So to start the opener that helped you generate the speed to transfer the energy into the kick was awesome I really liked how you shifted your tori to get just the right position to start your first attack. Although it seemed kind of rushed and I feel it could have been a little cleaner.

Moving forward into the replay where after you did your initial kick you did a follow up kick to lift Uke to prepare for the next attack this right here I like a lot because you took your time and mapped out what you wanted to do but the move afterwards; once you got the rotation you just held all practically and didn't do anything until your grabbed locked so you could swing around for the massive hit. I just feel you could've did something to bridge the gap rather than just stay held like that.

ONTO! The most significant hit of the replay imo. I loved the boom aspect I'm pretty sure if you would have taken just a little more time you probably could have knocked the other pec from the shoulder in addition to the other dms you made, this right here I loved it was just a nice clean hit nothing bad about it at all.

FINALLY!!! The last kick once again. Nice! BUT! it was pretty lack luster, it's just a basic kick you kinda held all just to move that right leg.


Coming from my perspective I really liked this replay! BUT I think if you flowed a little more and gave just a tad bit more thought to this replay you could've did way more and perfected every attack along with the in-between movements.

I'd give this replay a 8/10 in other words a solid B- <~ Totally not a replay thread; Hi I'm sam
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im here again
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