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Can I post here my friends are here
Chief sellin 2 glocks
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Some insight on whats on Show Yourself: My friend was getting shoved around by a couple of kids then they slapped his drink out of his hands and I went to grab a friend because I had a feeling they were trying to throw down. I walked right next to the kid and he said "You snitched on me?", I replied, "Yeah, I did because you were being a fucking dick." Then got lit onto. (This was my first fight that was real.) I didn't throw a punch while I was actually seeing what I was doing but I got hit about 4 time before i started gettin gaps in my memory. I came back when I was on top of the kid and he had a hold of my long hair drillin me in my face, i realized that then yanked my own head away then went blank again. After that i was under the kid with his neck in my right arm from the back of his head, tryed to go for a full nelson type deal (Glad I didn't get it prolly would've snapped his shit then caught a case.) after a lil bit he went to roll on top but I kicked off the ground and rolled him back over then blacked back out. Last time I came to realization in the fight, we were both p much gassed and heard a loud "Stop!", this was the cops walking right at us. I went to stand up and he kept hittin' but i tried ignoring it, then got sucker punched by the biggest of the three then shouted "I fuckin' stopped!". Apparently from some people watching say I swung a lot but still obvi took the L. a couple said he about got KO'd by my first punch. I was the youngest out of all 4 of us. The friend i mentioned earlier was peelin' em off of me, but ended up gettin' his shirt all ripped up and socked in the back of the head. (He didn't swing on anyone because hes just over 1 Got kicked out for a day (It's fair week) Then I shook em when i drilled the punching machine we got at the arcade.
Listen :: probably a reward/knowledge code:

 You should probably listen ;3 friend. "Soon" 
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cool story bro
people are so focused on going from a to z they forget there's 24 letters in between
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