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Dueling Thread
Post here if you want to duel and the amount you want to duel for. Personal preference is everything, so set rules and guidelines fair to both you and your opponent. Things like ErthTK or TK, best of however many wins you want to set, no snapkicking or any variation of it, ect, ect.

If they comply post here so we know what challenges are accepted, and also pm the person your accepting the duel from. You and your opponent can set up a date and time. If duels are not accepted or they just never happen just repost your duel request and hopefully someone takes on the challenge.

(If you want!) You can post replays of your duels if there are any discrepancy in-game or with payment. Idk if we can help but I am a man of fairness. If I have an issue I never mind having the opinion of a unbiased third party for clarification so we get a result me and my opponent can both agree to and move on.

Moop has brought to my attention the definition of "soft rules" such as the ones I have listed above (Like Snapkicking ect,ect). He has informed me that soft rules can still be broken and basically have no standing ground against a refusal of payment if "soft rules" are broken. And could possibly lead to you getting banned if you refuse to pay basically a cheater.

To counteract this, if you violate the soft rules placed PRIOR to the duel, you will be banned from dueling in correspondence to this Org (Because we have no power over cheaters who duel outside the Org and for the most part the game in general). There will be a 1 infraction policy (1 warning and after that your DONE). There will be a banned list created to show proof of violations and a unwillingness to comply to these "soft rules" as an opponent.

SO PLEASE lets all have high character, and good judgment and be fair to one another so this can work.
Good luck, and lets make this work!

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Yo I'll do some couple hundred tc duels.
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Clan: Parrot

Well I guess i'll start this off.

Duel: Amount-500tc
Mod: ErthTK or TK
Rules: NO Snapkicking, or any variation of it. (Within a two frame kick)
Best of 7 series (4 wins to be declared the winner)

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