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Throw in your opinions here
Hi guys

Taekkyon would be highly affected given how well adjusted the distance is and how short the match is.
Would like to hear what you think.
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Alright, here we go!

1. This would only be done to new mods, IF it were to be implemented.
2. If this were to affect TK, it MIGHT not be too bad. Assuming a person doing this would used a snap-kick, you could easily block it in less than 10 frames. As for other mods, I can't say what it would do. I'll run some tests on this.
3. I don't agree with this idea, due to the fact that it could possibly support Pay-To-Win. The only way you could possibly make this okay is to make it a subscription based thing, but a very short one. At most, a month would be semi-okay.

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Honestly in my opinion it is an awful idea, ruining the whole aspect of creating your own moves, yeah it could work for one or two mods like boxing or wrestling mods but all of three people play those mods outside of sp on a daily basis anyway. Maybe making it optional or an in-game command would be a better idea such as real time ghost, because I'm pretty confident that most of the community wouldn't agree that this is a good idea depending on how it is implemented into the game.

But it also could be a good idea. could bring more players into the mod making community. Imagine starting out a parkour mod hanging off the side of a cliff or from a rope or building(if not possible already) depending on how it is used it could be a fun new feature.

relating back to how it should be implemented, the only way people would most likely accept this feature is an in-game command that turns it on. because I for one don't want to join every single server and have to use a stance created by someone else I'd rather use my own.

So really, just depends on how it is implemented, so the idea isn't all that bad unless of course pay-to-win(Well said Rfifan), In my opinion.
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Is this still legit? I'm a month late I'm afraid
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