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Clan Ranking
My clan decap hasnt been going up in rank on the leader board after i have been warring and winning them, and its also not showing that were warring at all because i has been stuck at 42 while were at like 47. Does anybody know how to fix this, or can somebody help me who can?
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Those 5 wars you're talking about have been logged (scroll down to the bottom of the War section).

There's currently a delay between completing wars and receiving the XP, so perhaps it's the same way for war points. Give it until next Tuesday to wait and see if it updates.

You can send a PM to sir about this, but I suspect he'll give you the same response I just did.
There's also currently a delay in levelling up, or levelling up is just broken. I'm waiting a little while to confirm which is true.
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Our clan points are broken for 5 months so you can't really expect a fix anytime soon
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Sample Text
Old clan ranking has been deprecated about a week ago, XP-based ranking is still accumulating data. We'll enable it in early December.
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