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Toricredit Board Rules Rework
So with the events currently taking place I've taken it upon myself to do the inevitable and create a thread with a rework of the rules currently in place regarding the selling of TC. In the spoiler below will be a set of rules proposed by myself based off the currently standing rules and this thread will act as a platform to either agree with my propositions in support for the change or debate what you think is wrong with it. Either way, your input is appreciated.

Toricredit Section Rules

I personally believe the application for verification to sell TC should stand no matter where it takes place, such as in-game, PM, etc. Anywhere someone can attempt to either sell or buy TC is able to be documented with a screenshot, the current rule of needing to take place in the Toricredits board and there only is useless due to this. Screenshots of any transaction occurring in-game are promoted through other global rules and should with common sense stand here as well. With what I've proposed it's putting more trust in the players but that's what the verification process is for, to ensure they're suitable to sell TC. People being banned for not scamming people and really just further showing their ability to sell TC honestly is nonsense. This systematic approach of 0 and 1 is not what Toribash needs, empathy and understanding of the situation need to be considered. With time zones, livelihood, and lack of staff effort it doesn't make sense to implement this current rule, the inconvenience outweighs the pros this rule offers. With my proposal none of this matters, people who sell TC casually continue to sell while those who are not supposed to face reasonable repercussions.

Common arguments debunked;

"The toricredit board is fool proof and can never be faked"
Almost any documentation provided with a scam cannot be faked, and if faked requires more effort than the majority would willingly commit too. Do we inconvenience the masses for an anomaly?

"This makes it easier for people to just sell TC because no one will report"
Well that's also a great flaw with the rule currently implemented, anyone can still sell TC and if no one reports or makes a big deal out of it, higher ups wouldn't know, yet people still get banned for it which leads me to believe that if unverified sellers attempt to sell there will be someone who reports them. My suggestions justs get rid of the useless waste of time and embarrassment of having to face the repercussions of being a trustworthy person being over moderated.


Please do leave you're comments and concerns as I would like to hear from more people and potentially better understand what the community would like and could come up with in an effort to stop the unjust bans that occur over this rule.

Useless/Off-topic post will be reported.
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Originally Posted by Insanity View Post
Originally Posted by Rule C.
C) Any user (including Verified TC Sellers) found to be selling Toricredits outside of the Toricredits board will receive immediate account suspension. This includes in private messages, the in-game servers, and all other platforms that are not the Toricredits board.

does that me you are not allowed to advertise your tc sellig thread ingame or discord?

I'm 99% sure this bit means you can't place the selling thread outside of the TC board, or sell TC without using the thread itself. You can advertise it wherever, a few people use links in sigs.
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Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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Originally Posted by Icky View Post
I'm 99% sure this bit means you can't place the selling thread outside of the TC board, or sell TC without using the thread itself. You can advertise it wherever, a few people use links in sigs.

Might want to rephrase that rule then. I've seen people punished when the Toricredits board was first introduced for advertising their sale thread in-game, and by punished I mean by Market Squad not by Event Squad or server operator. The rule gives one the impression that you are not allowed to sell TC anywhere other than the board, which means you basically have to wait for people to come to you over the forums.
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Alright, the rules and the board have received a substantial amount of tweaks and updates today. Here's the updated rules:

Originally Posted by Rule C.
C) All TC sales must be documented in the Verified TC seller's thread in the Toricredits board within 12 hours of the sale being made. Sellers who fail to document their sales within this allotted time period will receive immediate account suspension.

What this means:
You're allowed to sell your TC in-game, in PMs, and on the forum anytime that you (the seller) have an approved thread in the Toricredits board. Whenever you make a sale, you (or the buyer) are required to document that sale in your sales thread with the amount of TC sold, the amount of USD paid, and who the buyer was within a 12 hour period of the sale taking place.

What it does not mean:
It does not mean that we will take third-party chat platform screenshots as evidence in scam reports, and it absolutely does not mean that you can make sales while you do not have a sales thread or your sales thread is unapproved.

Originally Posted by Guideline C. and D.
C) For a deal to be properly documented as a transaction, all of the following information must be posted within the sales thread:
.....I) The amount of TC being sold to the buyer.
.....II) The amount of USD being sent to the seller.
.....III) A confirmation from the seller or buyer stating that the payments have been sent.

D) The party who did not initially confirm that the payments have been sent has to do one of the following within a 24 hour period:
.....I) Confirm that the sale took place.
.....II) Claim that the sale did not take place, and file a scam report.
.....III) In the event that nothing is done, the Market Squad will assume that the sale took place. Make a scam report with the appropriate information if the sale did not take place.

What all of this means:
Guideline C.) is outlining what is obligatory to be documented in the sales thread. The seller or the buyer needs to document and confirm the TC being sold, the USD being sent.

Guideline D.), simply put, is just saying that the person who did not make the initial confirmation needs to either confirm or deny that the sale actually happened. You're not obliged to, but we (the staff) will assume that the sale took place if no scam report/statement is made to say otherwise.

Originally Posted by Guideline F. and G.
F) Once a thread has been open for eight ( days (or has been inactive for four (4) days) an automated system will automagically move the thread to the Toricredits Archive board.

G) Sellers are allowed to create new sales threads before their previous thread has closed on the sixth (6th) day of their current sales thread being opened.
.....I) This allows moderators to verify your TC sources and login history within a 2 day period, resulting in minimal downtime on sales.

What all of this means:
Guideline F.) is an adjustment to sales auto-closing after 5 days -- now they close after 8 days of the thread being posted or 4 days after the last post in the thread.

The 4 day part is to ensure threads that aren't actively being bumped are closed a little earlier than usual. The 8 day part ties into our Guideline G.), which should allow sellers to time making new threads on a weekly basis rather than on a weird 5 day interval.

Guideline G.) means that you can now prime your threads -- create them 2 days earlier so that we can approve them a tad earlier than your active sales thread closes. This should result in zero downtime on your sales thread if timed appropriately, and it gives us plenty of time to approve your TC sources and verify your login history.
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Happy to see something came out of this whole ordeal. It's not perfect, but it's a move towards the right direction. Good stuff!

I think the rule C could be interpreted as any type of platform is accepted, but then you're kinda limiting it to forum PMs and in-game by your explanation here. If latter is the case then it should be outlined in the rule as such.

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i personally dont see the need of auto closing threads of approved sellers, but other than that - spot on
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Originally Posted by snake View Post
i personally dont see the need of auto closing threads of approved sellers, but other than that - spot on

Originally Posted by Creati0n
The Market Squad do their absolute best to verify where your TC sources come from, which is exactly why we require you to remake your selling thread every five days -- we like to make sure you aren't farming boosters, gaining TC through illegitimate sales ingame or other means.

We make sure that those duels you do are corroborated through games you played in your game history; we make sure that that 300,000TC you got from user123 was because you sold him a nice texture set; we make sure that your latest 17,000,000TC from imahacker69 wasn't from him exploiting TC into the economy.

The list could go on, but the point of this is to keep our sellers in check!

This basically

[Market Squad]

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Ignoring all my arguments, as usual. I'll post it again for you:



TLDR: illegaly earned TC or TC from hijacked accounts will be sold outside of the forum.
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Originally Posted by Diamond View Post
TLDR: illegaly earned TC or TC from hijacked accounts will be sold outside of the forum.

That point makes no sense, people still do illegal stuff all the time, you can't beat that, but the rules help for all the buyers to know it's sketchy when somebody aproaches selling with no thread and stuff.

thank you for making sense

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