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Supernatural Activities
There's been multiple occasions about people and some supernatural activities happening to them and i'm not sure whether to think about this because i know there are times when these activities can be hurtful or could mean nothing, i'm not saying i don't believe in this but i'm saying is that is there meaning behind this, are they doing it with malicious intent or good intent? There are also many stories behind people playing the Ouija board so i would also like for you guys to touch up on that too.

There was recently a movie on Netflix called "Veronica" [BASED ON A TRUE STORY] about this girl in Spain who was meddling around with the Ouija board to contact her deceased father, let alone doing this she encountered a malicious spirit and supernatural activities started happening to her and she tried to get rid of this spirit but sadly ended up losing her life in the process and died in the hospital a couple of days after. There are multiple pictures and evidences of the house of where this all occurred which has me thinking so much about this certain topic and just wanted to hear you're guys opinions.
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I'm not going to claim that supernatural forces don't exist, but so far I haven't heard of a single supernatural event that hasn't been debunked or exposed.

90% of the time those "supernatural events" bring some sort of income to someone, whether it's on TV, YouTube, Netflix, you name it, and big demographic of people seem to enjoy that sort of content, so they have no reason to stop making these stories.

The rest 10% are usually really good art projects (or not so good) by few unknown film students or whatever that genuinely want to make it sound/look as realistic as possible and their goal is to make people believe in it so later they can put it on their resume as creating a viral video, and it reflects well on sites like YouTube where these "paranormal" videos have millions of views and seemingly majority of the comments believe in whatever is happening to be supernatural forces.

If you dig into any case for long enough you can start seeing inconsistencies in how the story is presented, and I'm sure it's the same case with the story that you're talking about. Some crime scene pictures probably got leaked long long time ago and someone just created a story behind it for one reason or another.
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I like to think it's sorta in the realm of, believe it or not, they're still fun to think about and listen to, like actual events happening in "cursed" places; (iirc there's that one island rumored to have millions worth of gold, and has killed hundreds of miners because of an old pirate curse) while hundreds have died trying to find it, I still think the history is cool to look into, same goes for stuff like Norse mythology and stuff alike. Sometimes the human imagination can just be a bit wild, but who said that's a bad thing?
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I'm fairly certain most of supernatural activities come from the person, who whatever the hell happened to them to made them strongly believe there's some bad spirit shit harassing them.
In other words, they don't exist. Either the person that claims they do got a whole different thinking than we do. Or just wants start another debate of supernatural bullshittery.
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Yes, crack is crazy, man.
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the way I see it, I'd love to see a ghost and I'm not scared of going into dark places/houses since seeing a ghost would confirm the afterlife, so who cares if i shit myself screaming
other than that, i actually have never seen anything paranormal but im p sure ive interacted with staff that has been possessed by ghosts of neanderthals
hard to say
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I'm not much of a person that has ties to a religion or an afterlife view. I personally have never encountered anything supernatural, and those I've met that say they have it's usually easy to debunk or there's no valid evidence. Personally I think it ties in with what started back before the middle ages. People will always look for something supernatural to blame for things they can't understand/comprehend.
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