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like slaycon said, more organized. but seemed a tiny bit rushed.
like with the dialog speed lol. but i love it.
cant wait for next mod. also, theres more forest maps, is it okay if
we make some random forest mod fights as well?
I'd love to put a sword spar in the midst.

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Aight im back to the community
time to make replays again after 1 month
<God> Mohamed!
<Mohamed> what?
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Originally Posted by matarika View Post
Alright Fellas, My computer is fixed, i gotta a ton more storage and should be fine! Gonna get right back on finishing up that, episode 3. Just gotta record a few more fights. Everything is recorded just gotta edit it in. Also guys easy on the set changing all the time, (or at least wait till an episode is done) because its hard to familiarize characters that keep changing sets

Also the reason it's difficult to send mods in advance is because i'm coming up with the details of the story as the videos are created. I have a general idea of where the series is going but as far as where it's all taking place and mods. that stuff i come up with as it goes.

I do know where episode 4 is taking place so i'll get to work on finding a mod that fits it.

Its a "Forrest Camp" by the way so if none of you can find one/make one, ill make/find one

oh and Rcrichy you da man <3

I'll be adding an Update board to the main page btw so everyone can know what i'm currently doing.

That would be a sick mod (forest camp), gj with this series btw, it's very unique and fun to watch.

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