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Someone help me PLEASE
Ok so let me start my story, this all started this morning when I switched on my PC, I was messing around in another game and I decided lemme check on forum so I clicked google chrome and it opened the program or so I thought, I went back into the game I was playing and I totally forgot about me opening google chrome so then later like in the afternoon or so I was like hey didn't I open google chrome earlier? so I went out and it was not open so I click to open it again, the tab shows that chrome opened but then it just closes again, I flip the task manager open and I switch to processes because it will show what I am running on my PC at the moment, so I looked and chrome was not there and this got me mad, I clicked and clicked continuously on the google chrome app to open it and I can see it show on the task manager but then automatically closes so I thought maybe I should uninstall it and install it again and so I did.

Then comes time for me to open chrome installer and I forgot that I deleted the installer a long time ago xD so then I went onto IE to get the installer for google chrome again and IE was blocking me from viewing it, so I thought it was just maybe google was down, I tried youtube,facebook and a whole bunch of other sites and they it gives me this screen again that I cannot load the screen and that the address is wrong.
So far the only sites that work are here toribash and imgur which is great but I still need others, plus I need google chrome, I tried installing other browsers like firefox and opera etc and it wont let me on the site.

The first screen it gives for accessing google chrome website is this:


and for other sites, this:

Horror 11

This is really bugging me, I need it fixed and I need help so please can some help me. I can't even turn to other websites for help as it doesn't let me on and also my internet connection is good.
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did you try turning on tls

also try diabling the SPDY/3 protocol on advanced settings
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Did you try what the error message said and turn on tls?
"Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to _______ again."

Did you mess with any settings on windows/any browsers prior to this? Did you try restarting your computer and your router?
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Yeah I have done both restart to computer and router, my TLS 1.0 1.1 and 1.2 are all check and I have tried what the error message asked me to do.
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Hi Im Travem :)

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