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Toribash Dev
Hole in the Wall 2

Hi and welcome to the Event Squad's bi-weekly automated game show event!

The Event Squad is proud to present Hole in the Wall!
In this event we provide you with new obstacles to complete once every two weeks, and passing through each of them will allow you to win prizes! Every challenge has a different wall, which means you need to come up with different ways to pass through each time.
There is also an advanced task for more experienced players which could be doing the pose, passing through the wall in some specific way and so on; completing these tasks will get you even better prizes!

1. Replay hacking is forbidden.
2. Do not change any of the game rules (ctrl + g) except turnframes.
3. Do not steal other players' replays
4. You shouldn't get dismembered

There are two ways to compete in the event.

Game Client:
Go to News tab in game client and choose "Hole in the Wall" event and press "Participate" button on bottom right. Once you pass the wall, you'll see a "Submit" button on bottom of your screen - pressing it will allow you to upload your replay for ES to review. Keep in mind that we will only judge the first replay you upload that way, and if you want to change your entry to a different replay, you need to upload it on forums.

Download the attached mod and put it in your mods folder in game client. Load it, create your replay and save it, and then make a post in this thread with your replay attached to it. If you're uploading a second entry after uploading the first one with in-game interface, please mention that. If you want to modify your replay before the deadline, edit your post and add a different replay instead, don't make a new post for each replay.

Pass the wall in any way:

1x + 2,000 TC

Pass the wall and throw the knife through the top hole:

2x + + 5,000 TC

Best replay:

6x + + + 30,000 TC
(hampa's knife, extra 4 ST and 25K will be sent after judging is finished)

April 28th, 12:00 PM (GMT +1)

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File Type: tbm holeinthewall2.tbm (10.6 KB, 66 views)

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eyyy, fun stuff
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
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heres my submission ;--p
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File Type: rpl jjjjound-HOLEINTHEWALL2.rpl (80.9 KB, 5 views)
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ok buddy only got body through
Edit: Threw the knife too

a difficult challenge, beautiful displays of effort from everybody, gl all
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File Type: rpl Hole2Challenge-Carnivorax.rpl (132.0 KB, 4 views)

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Hole in the Wall 2
6 day......maybe check my replay
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File Type: rpl AmazingWorkGuys.rpl (27.1 KB, 8 views)
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Old Apr 21, 2019   #35
Toribash Dev
Entries posted in this thread will be checked after deadline.
It's same time as previous, be patient. If you want to receive your prize as quickly as possible, upload it with game client.
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Originally Posted by Dynjy View Post
6 day......maybe check my replay

to be fair your replay doesn't even pass because it uses the replay glitch to not dm once you touch the wall

if you want your prizes you'll have to edit the replay and move your legs, space through the hole to make sure you don't accidentally touch and not notice

Need help? PM me!
إد هو العاهرة

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gave it a shot, gl and have fun everyone
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File Type: rpl hole in the wall2.rpl (114.8 KB, 9 views)
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Old Apr 25, 2019   #38
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I just wanna say these hole in the wall events were really fun to do. I had to give up with throwing the knife through the hole and making it through safely. Either way it was super fun and a great way to to give some tc out. I hope to see some more stuff like this in the future.
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it was pretty fun yeah
*my saves dont load the mod propperly, hope it works on the second end
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File Type: rpl melroseholeinthewall2.rpl (114.5 KB, 8 views)
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oh yeah
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Originally Posted by Insanity View Post
I SUMMON the Pusga

Challenge accepted
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oh yeah
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