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How To Play Boxshu :P
Hello! This is my first ever tutorial, so if I did anything wrong, please tell me, And I'll add edits to the thread if you guys specify something I missed.

Basic Things To Know:
Boxshu is basically mushu in a box.. a low gravity mod, you can jump around quite a bit. It revolves mostly around kicks and DM's, with instagib ankles wrists feet and hands, but only to the chest, lumbars, glutes, abs, pecs, and the head. it's basically about aiming and striking your opponent into a pile of little joints floating around the box. If your used to aikido or other mods, the 50 turnframe thing will probably get on your nerves a bit, but it's pretty good once you get used to it. in Boxshu, a head will not dq if it hits the ground, though, if you get a decap in on someone, and his neck touches the ground he will DQ and you will win.

A good starter would combine:
1. Ducking so that your opponent cannot kick you with a rush move, I myself used to use a 2 turn kick decap but it obviously doesn't work if the opponent ducks.
2. Versatility. eg: opening the door to be able to grab someones foot that's going for a kick. you'd screw up your opponent like that.

Feel free to do as fancy things as you want. After all this is a spin-off of mushu which is a spin-off of wushu which is a spin-off of real wushu which is (don't quote me here) choreographed fights. So, basically that explains the gravity, being able to do weird corks and flips, kicking your opponent in the face spinning, etc.. This is a W.I.P because I am myself pretty new to the mod, feel free to correct me
Additional Tip: Try to hit your opponent without getting too close to him, because there's a high risk of getting dm'd.

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