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Yay or Nay
Shooting for ES and/or HS
Wibbles Tyrant ∴
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Where u at
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when you move your tori you use z,x or mouse
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do you have any pets? if so name any and who do they remind you of in toribash?

(I asked this question because you said "meow" which i assumed you have one also that phrase that you use was my thing but i'm a let it slide for now.)
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
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Wait what, Diamond play chess? I'm impressed. Which do you prefer or Lichess. And lastly What is the highest rating you have ever achieved?
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Other than the old staff management (which was lowkey garbo) What do you think mainly killed the game?
<(July)Diamond> Isn't that like... bannable?
<(py)Chax> well yes..but technically no :/
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