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not bad i'm not much of a trick person but i'll try my best
during the first flip you would have gotten more momentum by letting your arms lower fully then raise you'd get more height.
and during the first back flip you were a pretty stiff
the second flip was nice you got a good spin but you should contract hips a bit more.
the landing was great i especially like the spin you got after
but you didn't do much with the momentum i think you could hove gotten some sort of air from it.
and the spins you did after were a bit jittery and spastic
after that the jump you got at 190 wasn't good you shouldn't get a jump off of the top side of your foot.
over all it was pretty good except at the end 6/10
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Thank you very much for the excellent comment and constructive criticism. I will consider this in future replays.
I myself also thought that it was not my second jump, really, if I had bent my hips a little, I would have looked better.
I made the last jump with a reference to the Nuthug, a setup before the jump and a kick in flight.
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SruX pretty much hit the nail on the head. The spin you started at 340 was so underutilized. You built up massive momentum and turned it into nothing. I made a piss poor example showing how you could've turned that momentum into something big like a butterfly kick (I have no idea how to do them as you can clearly see in my edit).

As for the final kick at the end, try to avoid using wushu openers to create big aerial kicks. It looks pretty amateur when ya do that. Try to get that big kick off of some spins or something more natural looking.

Overall assessment: You're close to having realistic tricking. Just have to work on fine tuning your transitional movements between tricks and the kick offs into tricks. The actual tricks themselves look pretty nice. Keep at it man.
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Oh, thank u. I am very grateful for ur comment.

About the impulse you talked about. I did not even think about it, because I really liked the circular motion of the arm with the leg when they moved together. Indeed, that impulse could be used much more beneficially.

As for the opener for the last jump. As I said earlier this is how we say tribute for Nuthag. He made such a jump and his replay can be found in TB version 3.91.

Unfortunately you are right. I'm really bad at making transitions between stunts. I will try to work on this in the future.

And once again, thank you very much for the criticism with the provided replay.
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Having admired Srux's replay called Trickzz, I decided to make my own replay with blackjack and whores.

The basis of the replay is endless rotation, and everything has led to a good impulse, which I am currently trying to refine. What do you think replay deserve to finish it? Or is it better to make a new one?
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