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Toribash Dev
[rb] The Game

Hello. Happy to see you here again.
not really
So this time there is more of you who signed in.
More than two hundred.

First of all, let me explain where are you.
As you must have seen in the video of one of my lovely rabbits, you're on island.
I won't say that it's inhabited since there's a lot of you here now.
However, it doesn't mean that there's nothing else anywhere here.

I don't want to tell you how you got here.
There was no plane crush (at least I haven't planned any).
You're not survivors of a cruise ship that was wrecked by storm.
Let's say that you just... just appeared here.
Like if you got teleported.

Yes, you can think that I used a giant teleport to get you here, then wiped your memory and stood in front of you to tell this bullshit.

I had even written a full list of your names on the sand before you regained consciousness.
By the way, some names have little symbols next to them. You probably know why. Next time you won't try to cheat on me.


So, you're all still here.
As I've said, I cannot guarantee that you're secure here.
That's why you have to devide into teams for obvious purposes. Defending yourselves from insane rabbits alone isn't all that easy, believe me.

Fun thing is that I'm not aiming to keep even a half of you alive. But well, security is what every "free" person should have!

I think that your first objective is clear.
Make teams and let me know who is in each one via PM.

I'll be waiting for your messages until Thursday.
Once the London clock will show 12 AM, you will have no further chance to change anything.

P.S. Ah, and I forgot one detail. Only one member of each team will survive. And those who try to stay alone will end their days in torment.

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Wasn't this a tad too quick?
Didn't last year's game last for like a month?
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Who won?
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Originally Posted by BlueVolts View Post
Who won?

⦾ [RMO] ⦾
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Culapou won, then changed his name to TheGod
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