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Old Mar 16, 2014   #41
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I feel like this will benefit all mods, since there will be no unwanted "hugging damage".
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Old Mar 19, 2014   #42
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If you are moving the camera while you hit the gold button the camera keeps moving. It is easily fixed just by tapping the last key you hit when the camera started moving by itself but just thought I'd mention it just in case
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Old Mar 23, 2014   #43
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Thank you::>{/]
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Old Mar 25, 2014   #44
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Good update

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Old Mar 25, 2014   #45
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4.8 beta 6 is now out for Windows and OS X.
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Old Mar 27, 2014   #46
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Ever since my SteamBash updated, I been having constant crashes without any error messages, freezing, or explanation. It happens randomly and I havent been able to make a cause yet, it happens about every 10-30 mins.
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Old Mar 27, 2014   #47
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try typing /opt autoupdate 0 when you start it up
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Old Mar 29, 2014   #48
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You go hampa 4.8 Is online Also make It were more people can battle all at once
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Old Mar 29, 2014   #49
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How do I activate realtimeghost?
i dont need this
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Old Mar 30, 2014   #50
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/realtimeghost on
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