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Steampunk Shiai Token items!

Hello, and welcome you curious and brillant minds!

This June the Event Squad came here to deliver the finest creations made out of scrap metal, springs, screws and things alike. Here we present to you the 3D items you'll be able to obtain with your hard earned Shiai Tokens!

Steampunk googles - 3 Shiai Tokens
A Maniac's dream come true.

Steampunk Hat - 4 Shiai Tokens
From where the cogs and contraptions are plentiful.

Steampunk Hammer- 5 Shiai Tokens
Stop! Hammer time.

Steampunk joints pack - Upper members - 6 Shiai Tokens
Full set containing Left and Right Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists, and neck*

Steampunk joints pack - Lower members - 6 Shiai Tokens
Full set containing Left and Right Hips, Knees and Ankles*

Full Steampunk items box - 18 Shiai Tokens (25% off!)
Includes all the steampunk 3D items.

*Custom joints will display in replays only, for convenience when playing.

We are also releasing a brand new limited edition color!
Welcome, Crusher

Crusher will only be available this June either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Crusher doesn't require Qi, and you will be able to trade the items after purchase no matter if you bought from Torishop or got them for your ST.

Item and Crusher previews!

So now it's time to spend your hard earned Shiai Tokens into these wonderful items!

Art by Destram

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