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Old Feb 28, 2018   #1
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[REL] Ninja Warrior Course
Welcome to the page of the Ninja Warrior mod; a mod created to give parkour masters a run for their money. In this mod, there's nine different obstacles for you to attempt to complete. How about we look at the mod's gamerules before diving into the good bit?

Matchframes: 5,000
Turn Frame: 10
Gravity: 0.00, 0.00, -30.00
All forms of breaking/fracturing the tori are turned off.
Damage to Score: 1,000,000 (This is so you don't lose as you complete the course via object-inflicted damage.)

Now, onto the good bit of this mod: The Overview.

Course Obstacles

I present to you... Ninja Warrior!
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Instead of needing the damage to score, you could have also set the hardness on all non-static objects to 0.00.

Otherwise, looks super cool I'll check it out tonight after work.
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Old Feb 28, 2018   #3
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Looks cool, only thing that bothers me is the rope swing, doesn't seem really practical to jump half of the gap then to finally swing on a rope that has no speed, so that would mess up the flow of a replay.
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Old Mar 1, 2018   #4
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Another question, was this ever playtested?
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Old Mar 1, 2018   #5
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I gotta give dis a try.
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Old Mar 4, 2018   #6
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Color scheme is alright.

Mod structure is alright.

Funability is skyhigh.

Functionality on some things are debatable. Maybe needed a playtest of most of the things before. Might be wrong.

Obstacle difficulty? Meh, seen before and could of been more creatively chosen.

Overall otherwise cool mod. Not any real Ninja warrior feel to it in my eyes though.

On a high key though, i'd love a last stage mod where you climb that tower and all of the ending obstacles.

Youtube clip for inspo if anyone decides to do it.

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Old Mar 17, 2018   #7
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I got stuck on the rope. Need to fix the rope :<
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