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In coder land
Toribash Next announcement.
I've started to build a new Toribash version, code name Toribash Next.

While the current engine is super awesome it was written 12 years ago.

Things I want to add to the new engine:
- 2vs2, 3vs1 and brawl games
- Built with animations and models from the start
- Ingame multiplayer modding (mod rooms together)
- Ingame inventory and trading
- Run your own servers

Some technical details for those interested:
- Engine (Unity3D)
- Plattforms (Windows, OSX)
- Backend (Steam and standalone)

- Part of the economy will be decentralised (we will have our own BitCoin type currency). This will allow players to trade outside the forum.
- The giveaway Toribash Next Token will eventually transferable to this new section of our economy.

Questions & Answers:


If you have more questions, I'll keep this top post updated.

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Hey hampa, exciting news for sure.
Just wondering: Who's on the dev team/how big is it?
And tying into that: Do you have an ETA for the full game release or at least an alpha/preview?

(I checked the Q&A in the OP and didn't see an answer so I'm asking here because I cbf looking through 10 pages of comments).
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Originally Posted by hampa

Q: Does a team mate will deal damage to me ?

R(Request ): For ^^^ . Could you add a gamerule like 'damage' but its 'team damage' so if its 0 a team mate will not deal damage to me

R : Basically if we right click players name in a room, their are 'whisper' 'kick' 'operator' etc. Could you add 'team' so if i click 'team' to a player, the player will receive a notification 'Dumbn00b would like to be your team mate (or whanever) - /a for accept /d for decline' ?
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Dumbn00b that's a far out question. The game hasn't even been made yet and you're already asking about things regarding the general rules of the game.
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I don't know, if anybody's interested in my ideas, but I'd hope to see the gamemode with real slowed time combat (aka Accel World, which took over my sanity and associations with Toribash), or, at least, an ability of controlling of how much power goes into action, for the reasons of precise movements (I've been dreaming for this feature for the last 6 years).
Yeah. I hope, they'll see the light in Next version someday, in one way or other. If not, I'd be very-very sad, because such a chance is too rare and convenient.

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hampa u better include some stances like hand to hand or something
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I'm so exiting for toribash next !
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Wasnt stuff like 1v2 or 2v2 avalible in the old toribash?
Oh and thank you for taking care of toribash and nabi for over 10 years! I'm so glad to see how much this game is progressing and how amazing the community has become. I have been here since I was nine years oldand Im so happy to see a sequel to toribash. agian thank you guys and all the programmers/staff for being so amazing!
Im so exited!
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Sorry for this selfish request but, Could you change how the tori looks?
I know many people will disagree with me because they may like the old tori shape but I think if you change it into a little more real tori it would be sexy .

Thank you for your hard work though <3 \^.^/
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Make striking mods more appealing so more people play them. Add more striking mods that are fun so there is more diversity for stiking players. Exited for TN!
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