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Event Staff

Q: What do Event Staff do?
The Event Staff are divided into two groups, and one trial group:

It's important to realize that higher positions inherit the responsibilities of the positions below them: the Event Squad Admin may be involved with hosting events, for example.

Q: Who are the Event Staff?
The event staff are (currently):

Current ES Admin(s): Reta, Tinerr
Current Event Squad: Bands, Finn, Joel, neko, Nitrate, Retro, Saturn, Sneaky, Swosh, Typhon, watermagic

You can see the full list of official staff members here.

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How do you become/ apply to become ES?
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Send an application to any (full/non-trial) ES member.
Event Squad ~ Super Moderator ~ ESMT Lead
Have questions or concerns about public rooms? Want to apply for ES or Mod Team? PM me!
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