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Why is there no record for fastest Decap Headkick?
I know there shouldn't be an own record for every single dismemberment for every single possible joint, but in my opinion a (decap) headkick is one of the most iconic moves of toribash and the FIRST EVER toribash replay (see 0headkick.rpl).

Reason for my post is the recently denied move by torilose.
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theres already a fastest decap record in the book. if you can break it using your feet, then cool. why we dont have one thats specifically for feet? well that would mean we would have to include “kick” records for all of the other dm records. better to keep it broad than narrow it to only kicks

btw this isnt the place to do this. probably shouldve pmed one of the book peoples. pm rfifan. he likes those
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A decap with a kick is still a decap, and should be held the same standards and rule set as any other decap. If someone does manage to decap uke in 9 frames with a kick I'll still add it as the Fastest Decap, but I'm not making a separate record just for them because they used a kick instead of slap(?), or a punch(?).
fuck off tsu you ninja.

but yeah. if you have any other concerns pm me.


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